At Home with British Gas

Locate Productions are pleased to present the first round of a new campaign for British Gas!

All of the domestic locations for this job were sourced from our extensive Location Library.

The images were shot by renowned Photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, represented by Wyatt-Clarke + Jones, in her distinctive cinematic style while the Creative Director was Nicholas Bentley.

This initial series was used across various British Gas advertisements as well as online. See a selection here:

JFB-British-Gas-round-1-1-1150x862 JFB-British-Gas-round-1-2-1150x862 JFB-British-Gas-round-1-3-1150x860 JFB-British-Gas-round-1-4-1150x862 JFB-British-Gas-round-1-5-1150x862 JFB-British-Gas-round-1-6-1150x852 JFB-British-Gas-round-1-7-1150x853 JFB-British-Gas-round-1-8-1150x860 Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 17.34.45 Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 17.35.11

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