Barnstorming with Red Bull

Paul Bonhomme, Steve Jones - Action

We helped in facilitating the location for the amazing Red Bull Barnstorming video where Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones flew through a hangar at 185mph!

Everybody knows of the unique daring involved in Red Bull stunts but behind the scenes it often takes weeks of meticulous preparation and risk assessments to ensure the absolute safety of the performers. Detailed coordination is also required in the production and planning of their spectacular shows. The dramatic settings and scenic backdrops must also be suitable to meet the exceptional demands of their record breaking challenges.

Since being added to Red Bull’s YouTube channel last week, the video has had over half a million views.

Barnstorming was a form of entertainment in which stunt pilots performed tricks, either individually or in groups called flying circuses. Devised to “impress people with the skill of pilots and the sturdiness of planes”, it became popular in the United States during the Roaring Twenties.’

Learn about the science behind such an extraordinary mental and physical challenge and look at the engineering and precision tech that enabled them to pull it off without a hitch. You can also watch the extended cut that explores further into the Red Bull Matadors view of completing a world-first feat of aerobatics.

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Paul Bonhomme, Steve Jones - Lifestyle

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