Bruno Wall Mural with Sky Sports

For those who were out and about in Brighton over the Autumn period, you may have noticed the creation of an exciting project showcased on one of the walls in North Laines. Working with Director Jacques Salmon, Sky Sports approached us looking for the perfect wall location in central Brighton for their new TV ident. The idea was to create a wall mural to promote the iconic football captain of Brighton & Hove Albion football club, Bruno Saltor Grau.

The bold design was inspired by a merchandised jersey of the local football team, depicting captain Bruno in a crown alongside the caption ‘El Capitan’. After researching and scouting for the ideal wall by Locate’s Location Manager, Nick Williams, it was decided that Gelato Gusto, an ice cream parlour in North Laines, was the perfect fit.







Richard Wilson from High Rise Murals was the talented artist responsible for the project. Richard started off by painting the wall white for an even background. He then brought the image to life by replicating the design of Bruno from the jersey onto the wall, all the while being filmed for the ident. It was important to capture various angles of Richard at work; from filming sky high with a remote control drone, to being on the scissor lift for those essential close up shots.

The town centre was very busy that day so safety barriers were put all around the area to avoid the public getting too close. However, that didn’t stop people from taking selfies and snaps of Richard at work; in a matter of hours, the wall mural was trending on both Instagram and Twitter!

See a time lapse of the project below, filmed by Sky Sports.

To see the Sky Sports ident, please visit our portfolio or our Youtube page.

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