LA comes to London

When Location Manager Nick Williams asked me to come and assist him on a shoot in Los Angeles – I didn’t question that he might be joking! I thought … that sounds reasonable, we have the contacts, we location manage, we produce all over the world ‘Yes of course I’ll assist!’ I soon learned that I was to throw on a vest, wrap up in thermals, put my long-johns on, as we were really shooting at a London location dressed as LA! (Very funny Nick!) But what a fantastic day it panned out to be, plus we saved money on flights! Special shout out to our top Locator Angus for finding this fantastic, film friendly location whilst out scouting!

…in came art department with palm trees, ‘Los Angeles Times Newspaper’ stands, in drove the limo, the yellow taxi, and out rolled the red carpet – even the paparazzi showed up! (Also known as extras!) The weather may not have been quite the Californian climate but the lighting guys quickly turned this around! Los Angeles had officially come to London!

Thanks to all the crew and cast; due to everybody’s hard work we even wrapped early for once 4pm! We will keep you posted as to when this is released!

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