Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight

Locate Productions location scouted and managed a three day and night shoot for Rolls Royce. Stills and motion were needed to promote the anticipation and launch of the Phantom Limelight collection in April.

As well as the stunning Rolls Royce, the shoot involved a helicopter, a private plane, police motorbikes and a snow machine!



The main helicopter action happened at a private airport where filming went on late into the evening to shoot scenes including the fake snow flurry.



Road filming took place on and around Embankment where two police escorts on motorbikes stopped traffic to achieve the perfect shots.  They even held Southwark Bridge at each end so that a clear run was possible without any other vehicles creeping into the frame.



View the full campaign film here and see if you can spot Locate Productions’ own Jess, as herself/production crew, complete with headphones and a clipboard near the end!

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