Sharing ‘the nation’s joint problem’ with Arthritis Research UK

Did you know, Arthritis impacts over 10 million adults in the UK? Not just people that are personally suffering, either. Arthritis puts a strain on friends and family, as well as colleagues and employers. Earlier this year, we collaborated with Arthritis Research UK on a campaign to raise awareness of the condition, and we’re very happy with the results.

Working with M&C Saatchi and photographer Sebastian Nevols, our production team were given a detailed scouting brief; finding locations that are usually busy, to be shot when devoid of life and movement.

This shot of Oxford Street is one we are particularly proud of. Notoriously difficult to catch at a time without people, we arrived at 03:45 and left at 06:00, with only around half an hour of good shooting conditions in-between. The aim was to not to get a single soul in frame and, for authenticity, had to make sure the sun had risen and it didn’t look like dawn. Logistically, it was a challenging job, but the photographer was able to shoot some fantastic images, all of which captured the scene beautifully.

We’re proud of what we achieved, and to be a part of something we care so much about!

To view the campaign in action, visit Arthritis Research UK.

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